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Salary Negotiation Guide

Salary Negotiation Guide

Are you tired of settling for job offers that are less than what you deserve? Are you sick of feeling powerless, insecure and nervous when it comes to salary negotiations?

Meet the ultimate negotiation guide: GET PAID WHAT YOU'RE WORTH

This step-by-step guide will give you the confidence and skills you need to negotiate your job offer, and finally get paid what you're truly worth. Say goodbye to wishful thinking and hello to the salary you deserve - download the guide now!

If you wish you had the skills and confidence to negotiate the salary you deserve, then this product is for you! With step-by-step instructions, strategy, and insider tips by professional recruiters who have been on the negotiating end multiple times, you'll learn how to research your market value, prepare persuasive arguments, and negotiate with confidence.

You’ll get common job offer and salary negotiation scenarios and real-life examples to help you tailor your approach to your unique situation. The email scripts included will help you navigate even the trickiest job offer negotiation scenarios.

That means NO MORE:

  • anxiety about the negotiation process
  • insecurity about your negotiation skills
  • worry that you may be leaving money on the table

So if you…

  • are ready to take control over your job offer negotiations with a strategic approach
  • want to navigate even the toughest negotiations with ease
  • want to finally start earning what you deserve in a job you are excited about





WHAT’S INSIDE: In over 30 pages, you’ll get the strategies, tools, and negotiation templates you need, including:


  • the foundations of successful negotiation (salary negotiation 101)
  • a negotiation checklist
  • step-by-step guide to understanding your worth
  • HR tips on how to conduct market & company research
  • negotiation templates, and email scripts



You will get a ZIP file with 2 PDF documents in A4 and US letter including a 30+ page ebook with over 30 proven techniques, tips, and examples.

  • You need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF-compatible software to read PDF files. Most computers have them in-built. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here:

10,00 €Price
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