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Job Search Email Templates

Job Search Email Templates

No more writing, editing, proofreading, deleting, and rewriting your emails again only to spot an obvious typo after hitting "send."

With the EMAILS THAT GET YOU HIRED word-for-word job search templates you can finally stop overthinking and stressing about messages you send to recruiters or hiring managers.

These templates are your ticket to professional, confident, quick, and–above all–stress-free job search communication.

After being on the other side of the hiring process and reviewing thousands of applications, we saw firsthand that in job search everything matters. And one thing remains crucial to your success while job hunting: your communication.

WHAT you say and HOW you say it makes an impact. And everything you communicate can make or break your chances of getting the job.

With this ebook, you'll get done-for-you strategic emails and practical examples. You won't have to overthink another message to a recruiter ever again. This copy-paste solution is created by experienced hiring professionals who would have loved to have received such emails. They are designed to make your communication quick and easy.

WHAT’S INSIDE: You’ll get 30+ word-for-word communication templates for all stages of your job search journey, including:

  • Tapping into your network
  • Making new connections
  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Submitting job applications
  • Scheduling job interviews
  • Responding to job offers (including negotiations!)




You will get a ZIP file with 2 PDF documents in A4 and US letter including a 60+ page ebook with over 30 word-for-word scripts and examples.

  • You need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF-compatible software to read PDF files. Most computers have them in-built. If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here:

17,00 €Price
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