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The exciting, fulfilling, happiness-inducing career you’re after? It exists. It just happens to be abroad.

Whether you’re looking to move and build your career abroad out of ambition, curiosity, or necessity, this is the place to make it happen. Navigate your job search, connect with a supportive community of like-minded people, and take your career to the next level country.

More Than Careers = the place where your ambition meets your wanderlust

Because being ambitious and career-minded doesn’t mean you have to push back your love for travel until your retirement. And loving to travel doesn’t mean you have to silence and ignore your ambitions.


Quite the contrary. In the ambition + wanderlust equation, 1+1 doesn’t equal  2. It equals 3. When you blend the two, you get, achieve, and experience more than with each of them separately. You get more satisfaction, more success, and more excitement. You get more than careers.


Think of us as your
career mentors & friends.

Hi—we're Matilda and Ana, international corporate recruiters and HR professionals turned career strategists. We are also adventure-seeking career explorers who created our unique paths to career fulfillment and success—and we want to help you do the same.

In 18 years of HR experience between us, we've reviewed piles of job applications, interviewed more than a thousand candidates, and coached hundreds of professionals at Fortune Global 500 companies helping them take their careers to the next level.


And we did all of that while moving internationally across Europe, more than once.

Our mission? To give curious, ambitious, career-minded people—like you—the tools to take charge of their career and job search journey so that you can get, achieve, and experience more by building an exciting career abroad.

Cutout photo of two female career coaches.

Since 2018, over 500 coaching clients have applied our job-searching and career-building techniques, and 9,000 people worldwide have used our career tools to land better-aligned, more fulfilling, and better-paying international jobs. Now it's your turn.

Straw travel bag with brown leather details.

Sure, you could try doing it alone. (But do you really want to?)

If you’re anything like us, you know that getting support from people who have already done things you’re about to do is the best way to fast-track your goals.


You know your goals are within reach, and you don’t have time to waste. You’re here to take action and step into the unknown, with the two of us supporting you every step of the exciting career- and life-building journey that’s ahead of you. (Btw who wouldn’t like to get a bit of help when they are about to jump head-first out of their comfort zone?)

Let's make your dreams come true

Imagine taking a siesta in the middle of the meetings-emails-meetings loop somewhere in Spain. Or going for a fika after work with your colleagues in Sweden. Or looking at the Eiffel Tower while shutting off your laptop for the day (cliche, but we’re here for it!).

Well, that’s exactly what ‘more than careers’ is about. Yes, we’ll help you plan your move and land a job abroad. Once you’re there, we’ll help you take your international career to the next level. Because we know that what you get is so much more than just a career change.

It’s a new career. A new way of life. A new you.


That’s exactly why we’re here — to ensure your international career journey turns out better than you imagine.

Laptop on a desk showing a job search and career website.
Straw travel bag with brown leather details.


Your next career
destination awaits.

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